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Viva Femina Color Ring now offers a range of 36 colors to choose from. These 36 shades have been carefully selected by professional colorists to cater for the most popular request from salons clients and our customers. So eliminate the guessing and find your perfect shade using Viva Femina Color Ring.
Keeping up with trends and experimenting with a range of hair colors is the new frontier for any fashion-forward extensionista. Use a Viva Femina color ring to discover your next inspiration and find your next creative and perfect color for a stunning hair style. Whether you're a rich shade of chocolate brown, an edgy platinum blonde, or a fiery redhead, get inspired and choose from soft, colorful, vibrant, or neutral shades to create a dimensional hair lootk that is gorgeous and fashionable. Express yourself, refresh your tresses and turn heads this season with the endless color possibilities that Viva Femina hair extensions have to offer.
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