Compensation Plan

We created the Compensation Plan to be achievable and easy to understand. We have made the Platform To Success simple and designed it to provide you with visible, manageable targets of achievement at each step of your journey. Follow the Platform To Success blueprint, to build your financial future of success and wellness, independence and happiness. Understanding the plan will help you measure the relationship between performance and expectations.
downloadCompensationPlan The most unique compensation plan developed in the industry:
A phenomenal structure designed with a simple, realistic and lucrative combination of direct sales, relation marketing and network marketing plans involving beauty professionals, salons/spas, bridal boutiques, reffered customers, home parties and more for all-in-one solution to achieve success.
At Viva Femina, we provide an opportunity for independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, and everyday people. We offer opportunity to build a lifelong business and freedom to live as you wish and to earn as much as you deserve.Viva Femina empowers men and women to create a life they love. Everything in our business plan is designed for your achievement. We recognize that exceptional leader deserve exceptional income. But your future is in your own hands. Ask yourself: Am I willing to do what it takes? Am I committed to make it happened? Am I prepared to start today? Take control of your future! Viva Femina is a rapidly growing company, and now is an exciting time to join! We're growing, grow with us!
Every day presents a new opportunity for a better future. Today that door is wide open and possibilities are endless. Success in life can never be an accident. It is a result of the right decision at the
right time!
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