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General Questions about Hair Extensions

  • What Exactly Are Viva Femina Hair Extensions? Hair extensions are a technique of adding hair that is not your own onto your own hair. At Viva Femina, there are variety of hair attachment systems that our products cater to: fusion (strand-by-strand), weaving, bonding, braiding, skin wefted (seamless), hair pieces, clip-in's, and more! We strongly recommend that all types of hair extensions - except clip-in extensions - should be installed by a salon professional for best results. Clip-in extensions can be done at home in minutes.
  • Are Human Hair Extensions Better And Why? Viva Femina uses 100% human hair because it behaves like your own hair. Human hair extensions are recommended because they create a more natural look and effect. This means extensions can be styled using heated tools and straighteners. They are also suitable for most lifestyle activities. So there really are no limits to what you can do when wearing Viva Femina 100% human hair extensions.
  • What Does Remy Hair Means? Remy hair is the finest quality human hair available on the market, identifiable by two main features:
    1.Remy hair refers to human hair that retains the cuticle layer, flowing in the same direction as hair does naturally. The delicate hand picked hair-collection process and individually arranged in the same direction which maintains the cuticle aligned , is the key advantage of Remy hair - keeping it soft and silky, smooth and shiny, long-lasting and tangle-free.
    2. Exclusive use of the finest untreated and not previously colored hair. After the hair is selected and arranged by highest standards, it undergoes a unique treatment process which make sure the cuticle is even, while adding color and texture to the hair. The results: a soft, velvety feell and a shine that is made to last.
  • What Are The Types Of Viva Femina Hair Extensions? 1. Tape-in seamless hair extensions: A specially-made polyurethane strip, pre-attached with double-sided tape, is used to attach our highest quality, 100% Remy human hair extensions, allowing them to sit naturally flat against the head with no visible signs of modification to the natural hair. Very comfortable to wear, fast and easy to apply, and reusable - making them cost effective.
    2. Skin Wefted Hair Extensions: Viva Femina skin weft hair extensions are suitable for all hair types due to their gentle application method. If you don't like the idea of having tiny beads or bonds in your hair (and don't mind more frequent re-installation maintenance), Skin Weft hair extensions might be a perfect fit. This method eliminates the problem of visible extensions which could be caused by the turn of a head or a sudden wind gust. The extensions can be attached anywhere on the head - even in the front! Skin wefts really are invisible hair extensions because they look as if hair grows out of your scalp. Invisible hair line, no braids, no netting. Gentle on the hair, undetectable and very comfortable to wear. Allows you to place extensions very close to a hairline without detection. Skin Wefts are also reusable, giving a great value when proper care is applied.
    3. Weaving: A process in which you create tracks on the individual's head and sew the hair extensions. With a variety of different methods, our wefts are among the most popular. With wefts, you are able to do almost any kind of method, along with popular options such as gluing or sewing. It is also possible to cut them and make your own fusion bond extensions, customized by you. Whatever it is, wefts are the perfect extensions to get with almost any method you need.
    4. Bulk Hair/Braiding: A process in which you add hair extensions by braiding them in. Bulk hair is known as loose or braiding hair - and is very versatile. Bulk hair is comprised of a bundle of high purity 100% Indian human hair. The hair is completely loose at the end and is not sewn into a track. The only thing keeping the hair tied into a bundle is thread. Viva Femina bulk loose hair comes in a wide variety of textures, colors and lengths. Among the many methods used with bulk hair, the most popular among customers includes braiding. In fact, bulk hair is perfect for any braiding style.
    5. Flat-Tip/Fusion: Extension hair is pre- tipped using the highest quality Italian keratin at the top of each strand for effective bonding. This method is completed by heating the keratin tip, which fuses the extension hair to the customer's natural hair, creating a beautiful, flawless bond.
    6. I-Tip/Prebonded : Extension Hair is conveniently pre-rolled for an easy insertion using micro links, shrinkies or copper tubes, giving you the option to reuse the hair if proper application and maintenance are followed.
    7. Fusion: (Hot glue gun method) A process in which loose hair is attached directly to your own hair by heated gun, using melted glue stick.
    8. Loop Micro Ring: Extensions come attached with a loop micro ring and a looped string already in place. They are easy to use without the use of heat, glue, or any expensive equipment - making application easier and faster. The only tools needed are a pair of pliers and a pulling needle.
    9. Bonding: Bond glue is applied onto the weft of the extension hair and then applied at the root of the individual's hair.
    10. Shrink Tube/Shrinkies: The shrinkies hair extensions involve a strand-by-strand hair addition technique. I-tip hair is inserted into a tube, and, when heat is applied, the tubing shrinks and forms a seal with natural hair, creating a bond. Shrink tubes, or shrinkies as they are sometimes called, are keratin-lined thermal shrink tubing. They work by literally shrinking around the natural hair and the extensions when heat is applied. These are virtually undetectable, lightweight, and secure. At Viva Femina, we only supply adhesive-lined shrinkies as they stay in much more securely.
    11. Clip in: A process in which the extension hair weft is pre-cut and has clips attached on the weft to be able to clip onto and off of hair. Very simple and easy to wear, clip-in extension attachment can be done by yourself. Viva Femina Clip-In Hair Extensions are the top-of-the-line in take-home hair extension options. Our wefts have been carefully thought out and designed for a perfect fit for any hair type or head shape. All clips are attached and silicone coated for a strong and secure hold. The wefts are sewn tightly to prevent even the most minimum amount of shedding.
  • Which Type And Which Application Method Is Better? There is no such thing a one size fits all when it comes to hair extensions. It all depends on your style, desired results, hair type, hair density, and budget. Your stylist should schedule an initial consultation in order to determine whether you are a candidate for hair extensions and if yes, decide which method & quantity of hair must be added to your natural hair to achieve the desired look.
  • Why Do People Get Hair Extensions? -To add volume for thin, thinning or fine hair.
    -To instantly change their current look/hair style.
    -To get the look they have always wanted but couldn't due to difficulty in managing their natural hair texture.
    -A temporary fix for a bad haircut - or hair cut too short while their natural hair grows back.
    -Due to a medical problem.
    -Want longer hair for a special occasion such as a wedding, prom, class reunion, or date.
    -Want sexier, fuller hair, to boost confidence, increase self-esteem, look younger, and feel better!
  • How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? The lifespan of Viva Femina hair extensions will depend by the factor of which method of hair extensions attachment you use and how you wear them & take care of them.


  • Who Can Wear Hair Extensions? Hair Extensions is a fabulous choice for anybody who wants to enhance the length, volume, style or overall appearance of their own hair can wear hair extensions.
  • Am I A Good Candidate For A Hair Extensions? If you have been growing hair forever and don't have the patience or the growing rate that you need in order to achieve the length you want - or your goal is to obtain length, volume, texture, highlights, lowlights or colorlights (without adding damaging chemicals to your real hair) - hair extensions are a great solution for you. If you have a hair-thinning problem and your current hair condition is not damaged or over-processed, you are a good candidate. The recommended minimum length of your natural hair should be at least 3-5 inches for fusion and bonded (strand-by-strand) techniques, at least 5 inches in length to put in a weave, or at least up to jaw line for a clip in extensions. For best results, your hair should reach at least the nape of your neck for extensions to blend in seamlessly. IMPORTANT NOTE Hair extensions applied professionally are adaptable depending on client scenarios. However, there are mitigating factors such as unsuitable current hair condition. If you have a medical condition that causes excessive hair loss, it is not recommended that you get hair extensions. It would also not be a suitable option for you should you have scalp concerns such as (but not limited to) Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis - or severe hair damage that could prevent extensions from being an option at the present time. These factors would be considered during your consultation.
  • How Can I Attach Hair Extensions Myself? Clip In Hair Extensions, Ponytail and one piece quick fit hair extensions can be applied by yourself. For all other hair extensions including but not limited wefts, pre-bonded taped-in or glued-in hair extensions, we advice you seek a qualified professional hair stylist to install your hair extensions.
  • I Don't Know What Length Of Hair To Get. Can You Help? Please refer to our Length Guide for general hair length information.If you have a question about specific length order, please Contact us.
  • What Texture Should I Choose? Texture is just important as color. Even if you pick the right color, your hairstyle will look terrible if you mix curly hair with straight extensions or kinky extensions with silky hair. If your hair is straight, you may add straight or body wave hair extensions. If your hair is curly, you can add curly or wavy texture extensions; then, natural hair will blend in well with the extensions, creating a natural look. Please refer to our Texture Guide for general hair texture information. If you have a question about specific texture order, please Contact us.
  • What Amount Of Hair Extensions Do I Need? A lot depends on the length and fullness of your natural hair: thicker hair requires more hair extensions, while thinner hair requires fewer. Desired style also matters. If only adding fullness to natural hair and keeping length similar, 2-4 ounces should be enough. In general, an average person needs 4-6 ounces (1 ounce is equal to approximately 28 grams) of hair extensions in order to achieve a full head of hair. The amount depends on the desired length and thickness of your hair. If your hair is short, you will need 6-8 ounces of hair extensions for a natural look and flawless blending. Those with thicker hair or those desiring a full hair weave installation might need 6-8 ounces of hair extensions as well.
  • Do I Have To Get a Full Head Of Hair Extensions? You can have as many extensions as you need to achieve the look you want - even a few simple strands can make a huge difference. Add a splash of color or add a little more volume. The possibilities are endless.
  • Can I Just Add Volume Instead Of Length? Yes. Viva Femina hair extensions are perfect for instantly boosting volume, body, and bounce. You can dramatically, or gently enhance fine, limp, flyaway, or "lifeless"hair.
  • Can I Use Extensions To Add Color To My Hair? Yes, hair extensions is a great alternative to coloring and is a great way of experimenting without chemically treating your own hair. Add a splash of color, or mix colors, the possibilities are endless!
  • Can I Mix Several Colors? Mixing colors is a brilliant idea. Most people have more than one color in their hair. Blending several colors together gives a more natural look; this is also a great way to create highlights or chunks of color for fashion trends. The latest fashion trend include the "Balayage" and "Ombre," the gradual fading from one color into another from root to tip.
  • How To Choose And Match The Color? Color matching is a very important part of doing hair extensions. One of the most important goals in obtaining a successful hair extensions is having a proper color match for a flawless installation. Even in solid blonde colors, there is a very subtle difference in the color scheme. We always recommend the purchase of a hair color ring. The color ring is intended as a guide, not a guarantee of color. Like the dye lots of other manufactured products, human hair color will always vary. No two pieces will be exactly the same color. Match your hair with a wide choice of 36 colors that Viva Femina Hair Extensions Color Chart has to offer, to find the closest color to your natural hair - or you can add additional colors that you wish to add in the form of highlights, lowlights, or colorlights. When picking the color for your hair extensions, considering your natural hair color and complexion is very important. Of course, hair color should be based on a combination of factors, including natural hair color, eye color, and skin tone. You will look best in a hair color that complements your natural skin tone. Tone is used to describe the warmth or coolness of a color. In general, warm colors have yellow, peach, or red undertones, and cool complexions have pink, violet, or blue undertones. Warm colors will be those with a yellow, golden or amber cast, and cool hair colors are blonds, ash blonds, and black. For example, a warm skin tone will look best with warm hair colors.
    Complexion coloring is either dark, olive, peaches & cream, or fair to light.
    Consider what colors are your favorite and what look you are trying to accomplish in order to help you determine which colors of hair extensions to choose. When color matching, make sure to identify the color from the tips instead of the roots. The part of the hair extensions that will be visible is the midsection to the tip. The ends are usually much lighter (at least 1 level or more) than in the center or the root of the hair. You might not find a hair color that is a spot-on perfect match because natural hair is usually a combination of few tones. This is due to variation in the natural color of each strand, exposure to sun, use of hair care products, and use of chemicals. But try to get the extensions to match as closely as possible if you want one solid color. Blond colors have a more visible range of color variation. Matching blonde colors can be difficult. All blonde colors are a combination of shades of blonde. Even solid colors such as #22 and #613 will have differing shades of blonde in them. Purchasing blonde hair in blended colors makes the hair look more natural and helps with color matching. If you want to choose a color that will complement your existing hair color, then you could add colors that are slightly different from your hair color but would still enhance your existing color. For example, if your natural color is #2 (chocolate brown), adding color #4 (rich mocha), #6 (rich caramel), and a little bit of color # 613 (Hollywood blonde) will result in a lot of flavor in your style. Your creativity is encouraged.


  • How To Brush My Hair Extensions? Your hair extensions need to be brushed. Make sure you're brushing often ( at least 3-5 imes daily) to decrease the chance of tangles and to keep them soft, smooth, shiny and in their optimum condition. It is highly recomended that you use Viva Femina special designed hair extension soft boar bristle brush. Start brushing at the ends of your hair extensions and gently work your way up. Do not comb between the scalp and the bond. On a regular basis, separate the bonds with your fingers to prevent tangling and matting.
  • Can I Cut My Hair Extensions? Absolutely! Hair extensions can be cut and styled in almost any way that you want. But please take into consideration that cutting extensions is no easier that cutting normal hair, and it is advised that you have a professional do it.
  • Can I Color My Hair Extensions? Yes, you can deposit color. Because Viva Femina Extensions are 100% Remy human hair, you or your stylist may color as you would your own hair. However, since some color brands may work differently, we recommend you test the color with a few strands in a discrete area of the extensions first. We do not recommend stripping the Viva Femina hair extensions of color (bleach or lightening). We cannot guarantee the outcome of this as the chemicals in the color product could dry out the extensions or possibly damage them.
  • Can I Perm My Extensions? We do not recommend perming your extensions. Perms can be harsh and could possible dry out or damage the extensions.
  • Are Hair Extensions Difficult To Style? Because Viva Femina extensions are 100% human hair, they can be treated in just the same way as your own hair - blow dry, straighten, and curl. However, we do recommend using sodium-free hair and styling products on pre-bonded hair extensions to protect the bonds and to maintain the bonds in their optimum condition. While styling your hair with a flat iron or curling iron, take care not to make direct contact with the seal.
  • Can I Use Heat Tools, Like Straightener & Curling Iron? When using 100% human hair extensions, you have the luxury of being able to straighten and curl them (however we advice that you don't do it to often, to give them longer lifespan). But just like your natural hair, it must be protected, especially prior the use of any kind of hot tools, such a curlers, straightners or any kind of irons. Use a heat protector ( thermal spray) at all the times!
  • Can I Exercise & Use Water Activities While Wearing Extensions? Try to stay away from salty and chlorinated water. Wear a cap when swimming or keep your hair extensions out of water. Doing any kind of sports activities wear your hair up, in a ponytail or braid your hair in a loose braid.
  • Can I Wash And Blow-dry My Hair Extensions? Yes, you should wash the hair extensions as if they were your own hair, but the best is using sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner. It is the best to let your hair dry naturally, as this will give them longer lifespan, but hair extensions can be blow-dried, however we advice that you don't do it to often. If you want to use dryer, first towel dry and then use dryer on a cool-warm setting.
  • Can I Wear My Extensions While Sleep? At nighttime gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist. This will help prevent tangles or knots. Never go to sleep with your hair extensions wet, make sure it's completely dry!
  • Can I Use Sauna While Wearing Hair Extensions? We do not recommend use sauna, while wearing hair extensions!
  • How Can I Wash & Care For My Extensions? Hair extensions require maintenance. To keep extensions in the best condition possible, take care of them by following important after-care instructions as outlined in Hair Care Guide to help you get the most out of your hair extensions and keep them looking beautiful. Please Note: We will also supply you with information on hair extensions care with your order.
    Simply click on the link below to start your download!
    Download The PDF
  • What Will My Hair Be Like When Extensions Removed? Once you have had your extensions removed, your hair needs to be washed and conditioned to clean away and residue from the removal gel. Your hair should look a little longer than you remember, but thinner: after having beautiful thick hair for a while, you get use to it, so once hair extensions removed hair appears thinner visually!
    IMPORTANT! NEVER ATTEMPT TO REMOVE HAIR EXTENSIONS YOURSELF! You could cause serious damage to your natural hair. The only exception to this is clip-in hair extensions.
  • Why Does It Seam To Be Hair Shedding When Removing Extensions? Your natural hair sheds on a daily basis as part of the natural process. It is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day! It in fact continues, but since you extensions or whichever installation methods was attached to you to use your hair extensions, your daily hair sheds is trapped in the installation and not falling into your sink or latching on your comb or brush as usual. So when you remove your hair extensions, all of that normal hair is shed at once. If you are wearing hair extensions for 8 - 12 weeks that's up to 5600 to 8400 hairs you have shed during the natural process, it is very important to have a trained technician remove your extensions.


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  • My Color Is Out Of Stock, When Will I Be able To Order? Some colors may sell faster than others, so it is not uncommon for our stock to run out from time to time. However, we do our best to re-stock every 1-2 weeks, so your wait time is reduced to an absolute minimum. And even if we are out of stock for certain color, you can still place an order, so we can reserve a set for you. Once we are back on stock, we will send you your order right away.
  • Where Else Can I Buy Viva Femina Hair Extensions? Viva Femina hair products can be bought here at www.vivafemina.com, through Authorized Retailers, Viva Femina Independent Representatives, Viva Femina Showroom and also select products are available on Amazon.
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