Formula for Success

settinggoals Think Big
Big thinkers see themselves as part of a team. Success does not come alone but only by working with others. Take a significant step toward your financial success and step into the light with Viva Femina's unique opportunity. Present and share the business opportunity as well as outstanding products, and enjoy the benefits as your network grows!
settinggoalsSetting Goals: Any goal is attainable for a Viva Femina IR. No matter what size your goal, it's important to set benchmarks for yourself. Once you set your goals, Viva Femina offers you the support necessary to achieve your personalized goal.

Prepare: The Viva Femina starter kit will help you put your terrific products on display and make sure your customers have access to catalogs and samples.
settinggoals Knowledge & Training
Viva Femina empowers you with all the tools and world-class training to become successful. Take advantage by attending seminars - educational and motivational trainings that help you learn about products and help you be a successful entrepreneur so you can grow your business effectively. Viva Femina has one of the best platforms for personal development and financial education; the abilities that you will obtain are priceless.
settinggoals Know the Product:
Customers tend to purchase products from individuals they trust. Showing your expert knowledge of Viva Femina products will show your customer that you know your product. Plus, the more you know about your products, the better you'll be able to fit the right product to the right person – creating a better chance for a sale.
Be Confident
Confidence is the companion of success. Knowing the product and being able to answer any client's question will give you confidence, Being confident in yourself and your products results a contagious energy that inclines your prospects to be confident in you and your product • leading to great sales. Viva Femina fantastic products help women all over the world look and feel beautiful and confident; these are products that you can stand behind. It is time to go from unsure to unstoppable!
settinggoals Wear the Brand: What better way to show your customers the products you're promoting than by using them yourself? Personally put your Viva Femina products on display; your amazing looks will inspire your customers to seek out those amazing looks for themselves. Let the products sell themselves!
Do not underestimate the power of a first impression. Use the products and benefit:
· Look and feel your best
· Achieve visible results that you can share with others
· Offers an easy, low-cost way to advertise your business
· Starts a conversation with perspective customers
· Builds your business even you're not working
· Gets people around you interested in the product and business opportunity
· Increases awareness of the brand
Be Professional: Maintaining a professional appearance and putting on a professional demeanor at all times will help establish the image you want for your business.
settinggoals The Power of Talk The power of being able to communicate with a customer in a more inviting (rather than insistent) tone shows your appreciation for the customer and works wonders. Putting forth energy and showing excitement is a great personal tool to use because enthusiasm is contagious. Always show your passion for the products; sometimes the best customers come from the most unlikely prospects.
settinggoals Set your goal • build your business plan
Direct Sales:
Create a list of family, friends, and co-workers who would benefit from amazing Viva Femina products and/or would be interested in hosting a home party. Not only will you benefit from the sales, but your friends will benefit from receiving host rewards. Earn by hosting Hair Parties. Make it a fun and educational shopping experience full of opportunity for you and your clients! Be creative: promote "theme nights," create fun games, make business cards, celebrate birthdays. Not only will you benefit from the sales, but your friends will benefit from receiving host rewards.
settinggoals Build your Retailers Team & Downline Organization.
The important step in generating momentum revenue for you is successful organization.
settinggoals a) Build a Network of Retailers. Create your team of professionals to promote Viva Femina products and services to salons and to present them with a business opportunity. By enrolling accounts through bridal boutiques, salons and their professionals, you will develop a significant organization of Viva Femina Authorized Retailers,that will generate income for you for years to come and you will benefit for their efforts.
settinggoals b) Build your Team.Think about others who might benefit and will appreciate the same opportunity, and let them know about it. Receive Points for each new Viva Femina Independent Representative that you help enroll and increase your earning power by building a team of Independent Representatives (your Downline Organization). Extend your opportunities by combining all those opportunities for the ultimate results!
settinggoals Build a relationships for long-term success Relationships are keys to any business. Treat your customers with the attention they deserve. Be sure to follow-up with customers in order to relationships and ensure your customers return to you for their future product needs.Build relationships with customers and retailers by staying in touch and helping them succeed with the products. You need to be willing not only to make the initial sale, but also to follow up with your clients and prospects, to develop relationships with them, and to initiate future sales with them. This is a business based on relationships. Ask for referrals.
settinggoals Be committed to grow • Successful Independent Representatives are always looking for a better way. They are always improving their approach, their techniques, and their attitude. Make a commitment to grow every day!
settinggoals We believe in you, believe in yourself • Maximize your potential by realizing your true potential – don't settle for less. Believe in your own power to succeed. Believe you can, and you're halfway there.
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