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  • What is a Viva Femina Hair Party? A Viva Femina hair party makes it easy to host a party in your home and get exclusive access to awesome products for you and your friends while earning fantastic rewards.
  • Who can host a Viva Femina Hair Party? Anyone and everyone. All you have to do is love beauty, hair, and fashion. It's a great way to have a fun time with your girlfriends and to receive rewards for you and your friends.
  • What kind of rewards can I earn by hosting a party? Free products! Amazing discounts! Exclusive gifts! Host a Viva Femina party and receive free gifts, half price offers on products, and many other existing rewards. On average, hostesses earn $300+ in free products! Check out Host Rewards for more details.
  • Is there is a cost to hosting a Viva Femina Hair Party? Hosting a party is absolutely FREE! There is no cost to the host, only lots rewards for having a Viva Femina Hair Party. We will connect you with a trained and friendly Viva Femina Independent Representative, who comes to your home at no charge and brings tons of samples, catalogs, and advice for you and your guests.
  • Can I combine the Viva Femina Hair Party with any other event? Sure! The more the merrier. It's always fun to add other components such as jewelry, massages, facials, etc. to the party.
  • I'm interested in hosting a Hair Party. How do I start? Our inquiry form will quickly help connect you to the closest Viva Femina Independent Representative. Fill out a party request form, and we will have one of our area representatives contact you. If there is not a representative in your area - and you are interested in becoming one - please e-mail us, and we will give you a call to discuss this great business opportunity that offers you the opportunity to own your own business and prosper from unlimited earning potential.
  • What is a Viva Femina Representative? Independent Representatives are trained as experts in the company's products and serve as educators for those who wants to host a Viva Femina Hair Party in the privacy and comfort of their home. Guests are invited to view and touch sample products that they may not have the opportunity to shop for in a retail store. Moreover, guests can ask questions, share hair styles, and learn about the latest hair trends from their representative.
  • How far in advance do I need to book my party? There is no particular time frame, but we do encourage that you book your party as soon as possible to ensure that the date and time you request is available (weekends especially).
  • How far in advance should I invite my guests? One to two weeks in advance. Give your guests enough time to reserve the date. Your Independent Representative will help you to select the perfect date.
  • How many guests can I invite? We encourage you to invite as many individuals as you like: the more the merrier. You can start with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Don't forget friends and family from out of town - you can take orders online to boost your Host Rewards.
  • What should I do about invitations? Your Independent Representative will help you with party invitations as well as with every detail of your hair party. We recommend that you e-mail a "save the date" message and work on your invitations. Feel free to choose from our printed or e-mail formulated invitations that Viva Femina has designed to help you get your party started. Don't forget social media: create a Facebook event as well.
  • What do I need to host? Simply make a guest list and invite your friends and family to attend a fun Hair Party in your home. The day of the party, prepare some simple beverages and snacks of your choice.
  • Will my Independent Representative walk me through all the steps necessary to make your Party success? Viva Femina wants you and your guests to have the best experience possible. A Viva Femina independent Representative will take care of the details, arrive with catalogs and samples, and be there every step of the way - helping each and every guest. The most important thing is for you to have fun and relax with your guests!
  • How long does a typical Hair Party last? The average party will last two to three hours. It can include ice-breakers, product descriptions, a question and answer session, and games. You can hold parties any time, any day. The choice is yours!
  • Can I book another party right away? Yes! You are welcome to book as many Parties with your Independent Representative as you want.
  • What if some people can't attend my hair party? Even if your friends across the country can't attend your party, they could still join the fun! Take orders online for those unable to attend your party. Outside orders count towards your sales and can maximize your awards.
  • How to host party online? Imagine being able to hold your parties anywhere in the United States and receiving all the rewards without ever having to leave your home. You will receive a special Hostess code for your guests to enter at checkout. Your online party lasts for seven days. Viva Femina party credits, gifts, and rewards will be calculated and sent three days after the party has closed to ensure all order have been processed.
  • I've been chosen to host but can no longer host on the party date? Can I reschedule? Yes. We understand that unpredictable situations might arise from time to time.
  • What if I can't reschedule? If you know in advance that you won't be able to host a party, even though you have the option to reschedule, let us know ASAP by e-mail so that another lucky person can have the opportunity to host.
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