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Sales account for a significant amount of a salon's revenue. Sales reached $6.3 billion in 2009, according to Mintel market research, and nearly one-third of those sales were generated by salon professionals. Hair care grew in 2013, rising to US$11.4 billion and is predicted to rise by 12% to reach retail sales of US$12.8 billion in 2018, according to market research Euromonitor.

getyourshare2 Retail hair products are a multi-billion dollar industry, and you serve as an ambassador connecting those products with the consumer. With all the latest product trends and new techniques that the hair enhancement industry has to offer today, it is an exciting time and a great opportunity for you to profit. With the most in-demand products and proven sales techniques, salon owners will not only increase their revenue, but they will also help their employees take home a bigger paycheck.
Tips To Become A Top-Profiting Salon Retailer
Be the better option - Clients are increasingly switching from beauty supply stores to salon retailers in order to meet their hair product needs. These salons carry out expert consultations and follow through with realistic recommendations by matching professional products to their clients' real needs. Most salon product sales should occur as a result of expert consultation followed by recommendation and demonstration because a professional stylist creates a desire for the client to want to purchase recommended products.

Display to show - Visual merchandising promotes impulse buys! Products must be placed in an area where they will be easily seen and easily accessible. Having a beautiful hair product display located next to the reception area will draw a potential buyer into an unplanned purchase. When clients step up to book an appointment, tell them about your products, promotional deals, or available coupons. The area also makes for a great place where customers can browse products as they wait. Making sure your products are clean and dust free will keep them looking new, increasing a customer's impulse to purchase.

Product knowledge - Educate yourself and pass on this knowledge – or include staff in training with Viva Femina representatives. Your employees must be trained in order to be knowledgeable about the hair extension products they are selling. This may include everybody, whether it be the stylists, the receptionist, or the hair washer. This knowledge will ensure your employees will have the right answer whenever a customer asks a question.

Tell to sell - Consumer surveys have shown us that clients want product recommendations. Encourage your staff to tell clients about available hair extension products, their benefits, and why they are a perfect fit for them. If the client understands the value of the product, she will be more inclined to want that product.

Wear to expose - If your staff wears and uses the extension products you are selling, you will be able to increase your retail revenue substantially. Product exposure gets people interested by allowing them to see the phenomenal results and by serving as a conversation starter with prospective buyers. People are always looking to expand their natural look and some go beyond to get a completely new look.

Incentivize your staff - One of the keys to increasing sales is staff involvement. More and more salons are offering a way for their hair stylist to earn more money: by paying commissions on products sold. Getting your staff actively suggesting and selling via incentives is a fantastic and effective way to boost retail sales. Create incentives by offering a commission on each product sold or rewarding employees who meet or exceed a weekly or monthly sales goal, giving your staff motivation to increase sales. You can create a contest that awards a prize to whomever reaches the highest dollar amount.

Throw a hair party - A fun and social way to boost retail sales is to throw a product party. Invite your staff, their friends, and your clients to the salon after-hours – and throw a little cocktail hour to introduce your latest products. Have a staff member perform a styling demo with the featured product you're selling.

Couponing - Give clients coupons or promotional ads for products (e.g., free style with purchase of clip-in hair extensions, next purchase 10% off) with their purchase receipt. If they've purchased products, this offer may motivate them to come back for more. If they haven't made a purchase, the coupon or ad at least will serve as a reminder of available products. Plus, the clients can pass along the coupon or ad to others, giving you free advertising.

Follow up - If your client has purchased a product previously, make sure to follow up with them at their next appointment. Ask them how they liked it and how it worked.

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