Increase Your Salon's Revenue

What is the SECRET to help your salon potentially PROFIT $100,000 and more?

Most of us would agree that we love the use of modern technology; however, a survey of salon customers showed that over 80% of customers prefer to buy hair products such as shampoo, conditioner and, especially, hair extensions from the people to whom they entrust their beauty – their stylist and salon. The reason for this is because they have had bad experiences
ordering hair extensions over the internet. In addition, it is extremely difficult to choose the right color using an online picture. It's bad enough ending up with the wrong color, but, to make matters worse, they receive poor quality hair by ordering from unknown companies. Your clients come to you because they know and trust you. They want your guidance. They are looking for suggestions from the expert: you.

Rev-up Your Retail

In market tests where real salons were outfitted with a Viva Femina display, their sales revenue skyrocketed over 270%! Why? Because having a display allows salon customers to see the hair extensions and other products with their own eyes.
So are you looking to truly satisfy your customers, increase your profits, and build a successful business?
The first step in increasing your salon's profit is to offer other products such as hair extensions to your current
customers, who already trust you with their beauty and
will be more likely to purchase products that you offer.
That's why retailing is no longer an option
in today's salon... IT'S A MUST!

Stand out from competition & attract new customers

Viva Femina custom-designed display modules are modern and stylish. They will accentuate any salon space.

Be ready for an avalanche of extra business from your existing customers

Having a display with Viva Femina products offered through your salon is a great way and perfect solution to maximize your earnings by offering more services to your existing clients.

Increase your salon revenue - increase your profits

Turn your salon into a one-stop shopping experience, where your customers can not only have their hair done but also can purchase the highest quality hair extensions and beauty products.


Dramatic business results

...I've come to learn that I'm no longer just a salon. I now have more reasons for customers to visit: service and retail...
...By adding a Viva Femina display with hair extensions to my salon, it resulted in a 45% increase in sales and revenue in only the first 4 months...

Returning and new customers

...By selling Viva Femina products, we received such positive feedback from our regular clients and walk-ins resulting in a 30% increase of new customers from referrals...

Partnering with Viva Femina

...Teaming up with Viva Femina has truly inspired my staff and has kept us at the forefront of the industry...

- Kleopatra Hair Salon, Chicago. IL

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