Mercedes-Benz Bonus Program

Imagine yourself driving around in elegance and style.
Imagine yourself in a luxury Mercedes-Benz.
Now imagine making those dreams a reality.


How can you show the world – on a daily basis – the success you're experiencing as a Viva Femina Independent Representative?

The Mercedes-Benz Bonus Program creates the opportunity to drive the luxury car of your dreams as a reward for our top achievers. Not only will the chance to drive a new Mercedes motivate your success, but you'll also inspire others to aspire to your accomplishments once you get behind the wheel. Your "Business Card on Wheels" will help you open the door to new opportunities by getting others interested in joining your team. You've proven yourself to be a symbol of excellence. Drive around in a car that does the same.
MCB Program
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**It is the Independent Representative's responsibility to review Viva Femina MBC Program vehicle requirements and documentation before a vehicle is purchased or leased to ensure vehicle requirements are met.
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