Party Success Tips

Make a Wish List

Creating a Viva Femina product wish list will get you excited about the party you are going to host. Browse our awesome products and write down all the items that you want to earn for free.


Party Goal

Use your wish list to help determine a party goal. Your representative will be happy to give ideas as to how to achieve your goal ? and earn all your rewards.

Theme It. It?s More Fun.

Get creative! Think of all the things you love to do with your girlfriends ? then turn those ideas into a party! Some party theme suggestions include beach, pajama, margarita, spa, bachelorette, and makeover.

Invite Your Guests

Make a list of all the people you would like to invite. Feel free to choose from our printed or e-mail formulated invitations that Viva Femina has designed to help you get your party started. You can also use email, Twitter, Facebook, or text messages. But don?t forget to be personal. In this high-tech world, we all crave a little personal touch ? and that is what a home party is all about. Call your guests and ask them to ?save the date.? Let them know to bring their friends: the more the merrier.


1. Invite and over invite.

Why over invite? Because usually only 70% ? 80% of those you invite will attend.

2. Who to invite?

? Girlfriends, Girlfriends & More Girlfriends
? Neighbors
? Co-Workers
? Acquaintances
? Your Stylist & Manicurist
? Friends
? Relatives
? Spouse?s Co-Workers/Relatives
? Contacts From Kid?s
? Contacts From Gym/Hobbies
? Friends you?ve been wanting to Re-connect With

Entice Your Guests

Emphasize that this is a unique Hair Party event where your guests will have lots of fun learning the latest hair trends, styles, and tricks ? all while having exclusive access to an array of innovative hair products. Tempt them with amazing, yet affordable, hair extensions, flat irons, hair accessories, and nail polish decals. Mention that each guest has a chance to earn free gifts.

Choosing Refreshments

Keep it simple! The Hostess doesn?t need to prepare and serve a lot of food. Simple refreshments ? like coffee and dessert, or wine and cheese ? are best. Remember, the refreshments complement the party ? they aren?t party!

Enjoy Your Party

You spent time planning this great party and are well on your way to earning all of those great incentives that Viva Femina has to offer. The only thing is left to do is to sit back, relax and have a great time with your friends and family.
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