Quality Assurance

Quality and assurance always comes first. Every step of the production, purchase, and packaging is constantly inspected. We believe that quality hair begins with the best materials and superior results. With the implementation of latest techniques and quality materials, we are capable of serving our clients with nothing but the best. Viva Femina has high standards and strict guidelines: Our hair goes through a very meticulous selection and strenuous quality control process in order to guarantee that top quality products of exceptional value are sourced and delivered to our customers.
The crucial factor that ensures the consistent quality of our hair centers on the sourcing and inspection of raw materials. The product sourcing and inspection process includes a number of steps, and each of these steps - supervised by a skilled team of technicians at all times - must be done consistently to ensure the perfection of every bundle.

1.Procurement of Indian Remy Hair

Specially-trained Viva Femina representatives adhere to the highest quality standards possible while selecting and collecting 100% Remy Indian hair from the Temples of Southern India (only from regions where soft, non-damaging water is used). They ensure that each bundle is collected from a single donor to guarantee all cuticles are intact. To qualify, the hair is required to be virgin hair, which means the hair is neither colored nor chemically treated.

2. Raw Hair Qualification Inspection.

After it's been collected, raw hair is hand-selected and hand-sorted into batches. Each batch of hair goes through a strict process to ensure it is free from imperfections or damage. The hair is also thoroughly inspected and tested for strength, health, color consistency, and texture.

3. Disinfecting and Washing

The hair then goes under a complete cleansing process. Like a deep cleanse, we treat the hair to remove any potentially harmful bacteria. The hair is soaked in an anti-bacterial solution to thoroughly destroy any germs or dirt that may remain in the hairs. The hair is handled cautiously, and we are very particular in maintaining the direction of the cuticles in the hair. This means the cuticle layers of the hair align in the same direction - from the roots to the ends - in order to prevent tangling. The hair is then washed using clarifying shampoo before being air-dried. We do not use industrial dryers for this process as doing so would harm the hair by causing it to become brittle and weak.

4. Hackling process

After the hairs are dried, they are subjected to the process of hackling in order to de-tangle the hair. This de-tangling process is done manually; each bundle of hair is subjected to this process until each hair strand stands separately - creating greater bounce and volume. Because real human hair is uneven due to the natural growth process, the hackling process also removes any short, weak, or damaged hairs. This ensures that only the strongest hairs will be used in creating bulk hair and wefts, thus guaranteeing long lasting hair.

5. Double-drown hair system assurance

Drown is the word used to describe the pulling of hair through the hackle instrument, and a single drown describes the first hackling of the hair. A complex hand-selection process - performed by professionally-trained individuals - arranges the hair evenly according to similar lengths. Then a double drown - a second hackling and finer separation of the hair - is performed. Although this process is much more labor intensive and will just about double the price of the hair, it will generate superior results. The hackled and arranged hair is then stocked in racks of different sizes for further processes such as wefting, coloring, or texturizing.

6. Science Behind our Hair Inspection Technology

Every bundle of hair is then inspected using an Omano Stereo Microscope, enabling us to examine hair fibers down to a single cuticle. We check hair diameter, cuticle, pigmentation, and undulation in order to ensure that fundamental elements of healthy hair are present in the bundle.

7. Precision in Color Processing

Once the hair has gone through its initial sorting and quality assurance, it's then cleaned and colored. Our precise coloration procedure begins with our exclusive double-pigmentation process. The hair pigments are gently lifted from inside, using delicate solutions, so that the hair structure remains undamaged. We make sure the biological structure of the hair has not been affected. Then we apply one of our thirty-three highly-concentrated shades to create vibrant colors that you will absolutely love! Due to our color-adding technique, hair extensions will have minimum or no fading. No silicone or other chemicals are added. Because Viva Femina Hair Extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair, the stylist can color the extensions if needed.

8. Production manufacturing

Once the hair completes the long journey to our production and fulfillment facilities in the United States, then it's manufactured into our trademark collection of products. We are backed by a professional team and a solid manufacturing unit with high-tech infrastructure to produce hair extensions of the best quality. Then the hair is inspected again to confirm its length and to identify any imperfections.

9. Cleanse and Thermal Deep Conditioning

All hair is then delicately washed with PH-balanced 100% organic sulfate-free shampoo and thermal deep conditioned with Argan oil deep treatment formula. The hair is then air dried in order to allow the moisture to evaporate naturally and ensure that curls and waves are able to bounce back. Then final complete check is performed in our Quality Control Department where all finished hair products are finally examined and verified manually by our experienced staff. We closely scrutinize the hair to restrict delivery of poor quality hair.

10. Packaging

Finally, hair is carefully packed in a special protective bag that keeps debris, airborne dust, and static from affecting the product. We apply state-of-the-art packaging techniques that match international standards. Our hair collections are then shipped out in their final form to our loyal customers across the United States and all around the world.

Viva Femina offer luxurious and beautiful Indian Remy Hair that is the highest quality in the market as guaranteed by the 10-step process that is our exclusivity in the industry.

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