Shipping Policies


After Viva Femina has accepted and processed an order, it will use reasonable efforts to ship the order to the address specified in the order using a carrier chosen by the Company. Viva Femina,Inc. may use a number of qualified carriers including but not limited to USPS, UPS, Fed-EX, and DHL. We use Ground or Priority for our standard Flat Rate Shipping methods. Shipping cost are automatically calculated at check out and is set at our flat rate prices, after you choose your preferred method. All U.S shipments are sent with delivery confirmation according to USPS or UPS. Your order will normally be shipped as Standard Flat Rate shipping (2-4 days), USPS Priority; or (3-8 days), USPS Ground shipping. If necessary, we reserve the right to use an alternate carrier such as FedEx, Ups, DHL, etc.Orders are shipped on Business Days only. Allow up to two (2) Business Days for order processing and an additional five to seven (5-7) Business Days for delivery.

Subtotal Ground
3-5 days
2-4 days
USPS Express Shipping
(USA only)

1-2 days
$1-19 $5.95 $7.95
$45.95 Flat fee
for orders of any weight
$19.01-35 $7.95 $10.00
$35.01-100 $9.95 $12.00
$100.01-250 $12.95 $15.00
$250.01-500 $14.95 $19.95
$500.01-1,000 $19.95 $24.95
$1000 & up $24.95 $29.95

Orders can be shipped only to street address within the 50 United Sates and its territories.


Most Viva Femina products can be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam, but some restrictions apply and additional shipping and handling charges may apply. Priority shipping methods (overnight or second day service) are not available for certain locations in Alaska or Hawaii.


Following placement of an order with Viva Femina, a tracking number will be provided via a shipment confirmation email within five (5) Business Days. Customer from whom the order was placed may contact the Viva Femina Customer Service Department if such email is not received for order tracking information.


In some cases, an order may be returned to Viva Femina if the carrier is unable to deliver it to the specified shipping address. This may happen because:

  • Customer did not accept the order when it was delivered by the carrier.
  • Customer did not accept the order when it was delivered by the carrier.
  • Customer was unable to accept delivery for orders that require signature upon delivery ( it is Viva Femina sole discretion to deliver with or without signature required); or
  • Customer provided invalid or incorrect shipping information for the order.

When this occurs, Viva Femina will refund the orders less the cost of shipping and handling.


Some Viva Femina Products require special handling as specified by federal, state and local regulations governing the shipping of these items. The method of shipment for these items is dictated by these regulations. Viva Femina complies with these regulations and therefore the shipments for some products to certain locations may not be possible. Please contact Viva Femina Customer Service Department for additional shipping information.

Holiday Shipping

We are closed for the holidays and do not mail any packages on Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Express shipping is not available from December 23rd • January 2nd.

Express Mail

If you require Express Next Day shipping, please contact us first ( before a purchase) via e-mail or by calling our toll free customer service number, to see if your item can be ready for next day shipping. Please note, all items require specific processing prior to shipping.

Processing Time

All orders, including express and overnight orders, require 1 -2 days of processing time before being shipped out.

Proof of Delivery

Tracking number for your order shipment is normally send to your e-mail address as soon as we receive it from our shipping department. If you do not receive a tracking number , please let us know. Use your tracking number to track your package in transit. You are responsible for the receipt of your order. If your order is delivered to the address you specified and your order is signed by anyone, it will be and it is considered as delivered. If the order is delivered to the specified address, but not signed for, and its released by the driver, it is considered delivered.

Unavailable Stock

Viva Femina inventory control procedures are intended to ensure that shortages of Viva Femina products rarely occur as well as we try to keep our website as up to date as possible but cannot guarantee that each product will always be available.The color availability on our website is not real-time, so please be advised that some colors may not be in stock. All offers are available while stock last. Prior to placing your order, you can call us at 800-892-8188 and request a stock check. Please have the item name or code number ready, as well as the product color. We will notify you by e-mail If the product you ordered is not in stock and you will be given the option of:

  • Substituting the item
  • Removing the unavailable item from the order
  • Waiting for the item to come back in stock (back order)
  • Canceling the order

Back orders

If back order occurs on your item(s), you will be placed on a priority wait list. Back orders are filled firs as new inventory arrives. Your items will be shipped as soon as possible and we will inform you of estimated arrival date. Please contact us if your back order has not been received within a reasonable length of time.

Contact us for status 800-892-8188 or via e-mail at


Viva Femina may at any time discontinue the manufacture and/or sale of any Viva Femina Products, or make changes in their respective prices, quality, performance, standards, grades, content's, place of origin, or otherwise, in its sole discretion. Viva Femina will have no liability to any Customer based on any such discontinuation or change. When an item is discontinued, orders will not be accepted for such items. Viva Femina will use reasonable efforts to notify Independent Representatives of the date of discontinuance.


When an item is missing from an order, the Customer s requested to contact the Viva Femina Customer Service Department. If Viva Femina determines that the item was not shipped with the original order, it will use reasonable efforts to ship the missing item to the address specified by the Customer at no charge within three to five (3-5) Business Days. Out-of-Stock items may require a longer period.


Please confirm your address and e-mail prior to any payment submission! All orders are sent to the address submitted at your payment check-out. Your shipping address should either be submitted the same as on your credit card's billing address or submitted as listed in your PayPal profile(if applicable) at the time your order is placed. No deliveries will be made to any P.O box ! If you provided an incorrect shipping address, your order could be delayed or not received at all. We are not responsible for orders shipped to an invalid or incorrect shipping address. Please check and confirm that your shipping address has been updated with your credit card and/or PayPal ( if applicable ) prior to any payment submission. Please ensure that your spam blockers are not blocking e-mails from Viva Femina.

Unclaimed Packages

All packages that are returned to us by the post office due to a failed delivery, incorrect shipping address, or refused shipping and are unclaimed for a period of 30 days will become the property of Viva Femina,Inc. and will not be refunded. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable as well. If you claim your package within 30 days we will gladly ship it back to you but you have to pay shipping cost. If you do not pay the re-shipping cost we will discard the merchandise.

Risk of Loss

All items purchased from Viva Femina website are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

Risk of Late, Lost Or Stolen Parcels/Items

Viva Femina,Inc. may use a number of qualified carriers including but not limited to USPS, UPS, Fed-EX, and DHL. We can not guarantee the performance of these said carriers and as result are not held liable for late or damaged, lost or stolen packages. Lost packages are not common, but might occur. If you believe that your package has become lost parcel please follow these instructions:

  1. Check your order status. Go to the couriers website and enter your tracking information ( will be supplied after order). Your order may also be delayed if we are waiting for additional instructions. Common problems include declined cards and incorrect shipping addresses.
  2. Check the parcels shipment date, it may have not had sufficient time to reach you.

If you encounter a situation where your item is lost you can contact us via e-mail: We will be glad to prepare a case with the USPS, UPS , Fed-Ex or DHL in order to have them investigate where the item is. The USPS,UPS , Fed-Ex or DHL will then contact customer and will do its best to resolve the situation. We cannot be held responsible and will not be able to refund or send a replacement due to loss, stolen packages, or late arrivals. Viva Femina will not be responsible for stolen or lost packages after the merchandise has been confirmed to have delivered according to our tracking system. Once item(s) leave our warehouse, risk of loss is passed on to purchaser and we cannot be held responsible for any items that have yet to arrive in customers possession.

Cancellation Policy

We can cancel or change the order if you contact us in time (please contact us ASAP) after your purchase:

  1. If contact within 24 hours we might be able to cancel your order, however when cancelling order fee of 10% of the order total will be charged as service fee.
  2. Orders CAN NOT be canceled or changed once the parcel is shipped out or we have already begun to custom the hair extensions.
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