Clip-In Bangs

Clip-In Bangs
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Customer Reviews

  • Great quality, just color is little off
    Written on 10-08-2015 by Sylvia K. from Richmond, VA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Look and Feel awesome, just color seems to be off a bit. But still blends ok. Overall happy customer.
  • I'm absolutely delighted with those bangs.
    Written on 09-28-2015 by Jazmine D. from Columbia, SC
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:They're perfect! It matches my hair color exactly! Not only the color, but the overall look of the hair is so good too! It's not like those cheap shiny knock-offs that don't look like real hair. This thing really looks like it grew on your head, and not like it's a wig or something! I'm so happy with it that I just had to rush here to share my feelings about it. :)
  • Great product!
    Written on 09-24-2015 by Audrey W. from Knoxville, TN
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I have thin hair and every time I've cut my bangs they always look greasy and horrible. Now I don't have to cut my hair, it looks fuller, and these bangs are full and I get nothing but compliments on them! Nobody even knows it's not my real hair ;)
  • OMGGGGGGGGGGG, these things are a lifesaver!
    Written on 09-17-2015 by Melisa M. from Riverside, CA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Not only do they match my color, but they've made this curly headed girl's hair routine SO SIMPLE. All I have to do now is clip these bangs in and tie my hair in a ponytail and I look put together!
  • A+
    Written on 09-05-2015 by Cara B. from Eugene, OR
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I was really worried when I bought this because I'm not sure if I chose the right color. I'm Asian and I have dark hair. I was worried that the black might look like jet black or that chocolate brown might look lighter on my hair, but fortunately when I got the package I was really happy to see that I chose the right color. The customer service team even helped me chose the right color based on my description via phone :) #2 chocolate brown color suits me well! The bangs are really shiny and looks natural. I highly recommend it!
  • Love them!
    Written on 08-28-2015 by Suzan B. from Hollywood, FL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:They look real and I didn't have to cut my hair! I'm so happy!
  • Great clip in Bangs!
    Written on 08-21-2015 by Jamie U. from Ann Arbor, MI
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I ordered these for prom to look cute with my up-do. I love them so much! I wear them every day now.
  • This is by far my most favorite hair piece!
    Written on 08-18-2015 by Marie D. from Portland, ME
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:It is also the best clip-on bangs I've ever tried and trust me I've tried many! They frame my face so nicely and give a very cute look. Personally I thought it would look very fake but actually it is very natural and the shines just matches my hair as it is naturally shiny. I love it and have recommended it to my girls!
  • Love the product!
    Written on 08-04-2015 by Carolina B. from State College, PA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Great product, well priced!
  • These bangs are a LIFESAVER.
    Written on 07-24-2015 by Marcy B. from Madison, WI
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:My now ex hair dresser cut mine WAY too short, so I purchased these. I'll never have to cut my hair again and still have the bangs I love!
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