French Braid Hair Band

French Braid Hair Band
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French Braid Hair Band


Braids are always in style and one of the newest hottest fashion trend– French Braid contoured hair piece with a flexible band. This versatile attach-in-an-instant braided hairband provides effortlessly fabulous hair fashion accent and is perfect for turning an ordinary style into extraordinary!

Easy, do-it-yourself application. Just place headband over the head and position to suit your desired style.

Type of Hair: Synthetic Fiber Hairpiece
Available Sizes: Small or Large
Measures Width: Small 0.4", Large 0.8"
Elastic band fits all head sizes
Great for any hair type or length
Soft and comfortable to wear

Please note: keep away from heat!

Care instructions: Synthetic fiber should be washed as infrequently as possible but if you see your hairband turning dull, please follow instructions: Add one teaspoonful mild soap to two quarts cold water. Immerse the hair and leave to soak for 5 minutes. Do not rub! Rinse thoroughly twice in cold water and dab gently with towel to remove access water. Do not squeeze or twist. To dry, lay the hair band flat on a towel at room temperature. Do not use hair dryer or heated appliances.

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Online Color Chart is intended to be as a reference guide only, as hair colors may vary and look slightly different on each computer screen due to different resolution monitors. Also each model image of hair color is the approximation of color. For the best results and the most accurate color match selection we would recommend using one of our Color Ring, Color Clutch or Color Swatches prior getting any hair extension product.

**Synthetic hair extension products colors may be a shade darker than natural hair product colors.
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