Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk
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Kissed By Color

A vibrant, temporally, easy-to-apply hair color in pressed powder form. Simply Brilliant! Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dyeing. Innovative, but yet so simple – change colors in seconds! Create a new look daily or add some vibrant flashes to your special occasion hairstyle. Anyone could be bold, adventures and daring when it comes to chalking their hair, as it comes out in the next shampooing. Hair Chalk should definitely be part of every modern girl's beauty kit.

Chalk it up! Fast and Easy!
Chalking is one of the hottest hair trends.

yellowcircle No mess, dyes or sprays
greencircle Works on all hair types
pinkcircle Non-permanent
redcircle Add & change colors in seconds
bluecircle Perfect for any occasion
purplpecircle Available in 12 vibrant colors
To Apply:

1. Pick the strands of hair that you would like to color.
2. Lay your sectioned hair piece on the disc and slide
   color chalk up and down through the hair. Don't forget to use plastic
3. Optional: Seal the color with hairspray for a better hold and
   style it with straightener or curling iron.

Tip: If you're a brunette, have black hair or dark red hair, spray with water
to moisture for more intense color.
To Remove: Shampoo and Rinse.

Precaution: As with any product, a preliminary allergy test should be done first by applying a small amount of the product on your inner forearm, if irritation occurs, stop use. Keep out of reach of small children. This product may stain. Avoid contact with clothing, furniture and bedding. Color may vary based on hair color.

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