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Hair Chalk
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Customer Reviews

  • Fun!!
    Written on 02-25-2017 by Isabel K. from Tampa, FL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Bought this for my little sister. She loved it!!!
  • Sooooo much fun!
    Written on 02-07-2017 by Audra P. from Markham, IL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I have been wanting to change my hair by dyeing it a new color. In the end, out of all the different temporary hair colors I tried, I fell in love with green, so I bought green semi-permanent hair color to add to my hair. These temporary hair colors are fun and great for a night out if you are feeling daring and rebellious, or if you want to change your hair color, but you are not sure what color would look good on you or how much you will like it.
  • Works great. Daughter loves them.
    Written on 01-14-2017 by Sabrina V. from Seattle, WA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:My 6 year old daughter wanted to have fun colored hair and we decided to try these out. Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Was easy to use and we loved the results! My doughter loved it! Great Product!
  • Nice selection of vibrant colors that all work really well!
    Written on 11-18-2016 by Rosalie G. from Rochester, NY
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I bought several of them and recommended them to my friends and sister because they are perfect. The hair chalk is very easy to use.
  • Pretty cool, works just as described, great colors!
    Written on 11-04-2016 by Ronda S. from Chicago, IL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I purchased this product for my niece. She's 16 and loves to accessorize her look. She’s not old enough to color her hair yet so I thought this would be good for her. She loved it! They don't last as long as some of the other temporary colors. In fact, by the next day, it will brush out. But day 1 is cute!
  • Awesome product, works instantly!
    Written on 10-21-2016 by Shelby H. from Orlando, FL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:My sister and I had quite a lot of fun with this hair chalk. The hair chalk is very easy to use. Great product, would definitely purchase again.
  • FUN hair color for all ages
    Written on 10-03-2016 by Sonja L. from Milwaukee, WI
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:This hair chalk is so much fun!! The color will wash out when you shampoo your hair. I only had to shampoo once to wash it out. It will fade a bit if you sleep with it in your hair, but it won’t come off completely. The same goes with brushing: the color will fade slightly when you brush your hair, though not by much. It’s certainly still visible.
  • This is awesome and fun!
    Written on 08-24-2016 by Briana S. from Atlanta, GA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Very happy with this product. It colors well and washes out easily. Color is beautiful and doesn’t make your hair stiff.
  • Fun colors for your hair without the salon price!
    Written on 07-31-2016 by Yvette K. from Chicago Ridge, IL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I was really excited to try out this product. I'm a teacher, so during the workweek, I have to have professional hair. I've always wanted to try fun colors, just to see what it would be like and these hair chalks were the perfect opportunity to do so. They're really easy to apply to your hair.
  • Excellent for temporary color for children
    Written on 07-09-2016 by Sylvia A. from Tucson, AZ
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Here's something fun for kids of all ages! I bought these for my young daughter for fun. I received this product on time and intact. I gathered a group children from my daughter’s school and we had a blast with the hair chalk. Makes for a very fun and interactive activity. My daughter thought it was so fun and she loved to put the colors in not only her hair but mine is well! We all had rainbow looking hair and it was so much fun. Great way to experiment with color and not damage hair. The chalk non-toxic and the color is temporary so for me in it great! Wear gloves!
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