Skin Weft/Seamless

Skin Weft/Seamless
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100% Human Remy Hair

Skin Weft/Seamless Hair Extensions are one of the newest, advanced extension methods, resulting in the most undetectable hair extension technique available today and taking the hair market by storm. Made using similar technique as it is used to make lace units,100% Indian Remy Hair is inserted (hand knotted) into a very thin "skin replica" tape which attached to your scalp or hair using tape or hair glue.The result is a micro-thin hair attachment that gives you gorgeous hair and completely seamless nearly undetectable extensions. Skin Weft comes in a track, so it can be cut to the desired width for a custom fit. They are reusable making them more versatile. Once installed, only you and your stylist will know it!

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Product Specifications
Weight: *0.6 oz.
Width: 15in/pack
1 Skin Weft Strip per pack
1/2 polyurethane base
**Styles : Silky Straight, Body Wave, Deep Curl

* Weight based on 18 inch strip
** To define style please refer to Texture Guide

Benefits of Skin Weft Hair Extensions Viva Femina Skin Weft Hair Extensions are suitable for all hair types due to the gentle and undetectable application method and can be attached anywhere on the head, even in the front! Viva Femina Skin Weft Hair Extensions are great if you have thinning or balding hair because they create a natural, invisible hair installation. Skin Wefts are nearly invisible, because they look as if they are growing out of your scalp and very comfortable to wear. If you don't like the idea of having beads or bods in your hair,or extensions that could be exposed by a gust of wind of flip of your hair, Skin Weft Hair Extensions might be the perfect fit.

Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions

Online Color Chart is intended to be as a reference guide only, as hair colors may vary and look slightly different on each computer screen due to different resolution monitors. Also each model image of hair color is the approximation of color. For the best results and the most accurate color match selection we would recommend using one of our Color Ring, Color Clutch or Color Swatches prior getting any hair extension product.
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