Stylux PRO vibe Styling Iron

Stylux PRO vibe Styling Iron
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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome product!
    Written on 11-18-2017 by Sarah B. from Tupelo, MS
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I have used every straightener in the books. This doesn't even kinda compare to other flat irons. It's truly one of a kind, and I love it so much!! The vibrating plates makes a world of difference! I highly recommend!!! All of my friends and family have it as well!!!It is the best straightener that I have ever owned. Worth the money!
  • Wonderful!!
    Written on 11-06-2017 by Jennifer L. from Boca Raton, FL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I don't do reviews often, but I completely love this iron. It's pretty impressive. I live in Florida so my problem never has been to straighten my hair, but to keep it straight for the humidity and this has done wonders! I have used a chi in the past and I just wasn't as impressed with my last chi and decided to give this a go. It's wonderful! Also takes half the time to do my hair now.
  • Works fast and good!
    Written on 10-28-2017 by Alex B. from Hammond, LA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I've been looking for a flat iron that has a digital temperature display with the option to change the temperature. I have thin hair and the flat iron that I had previously did not have that option and dried my hair out. doesn't snag! Great product it works fast and leaves my hair shiny and smooth.
  • Definitely Worth it!
    Written on 10-25-2017 by Leila A. from McKinney TX
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Works great and it is quick and easy. My hair hasn't been smoother and silkier. HOWEVER, there is one major issue and that is the power button, it’s confusing when turning vibration on and off and the handle also over heats. But overall I would highly recommend this product and urge those that are thinking about it to go ahead and purchase it is definitely worth it, because the end result is fabulous.
  • Love the vibrating plates!
    Written on 10-19-2017 by Marielle K. from Ocala, FL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I have had a lot of straighteners and this one is by far the best. It heats up quickly. It is light weight. I have thick hair and I am able to straighten my hair in no time. And I just LOVE the vibrating plates!!
  • Best Ever!
    Written on 10-11-2017 by Paula D. from Liverpool, NY
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I use this product on my wigs & my natural hair, no complaints, best flat iron I've ever bought.
  • GREAT!!
    Written on 10-03-2017 by Vicki R. from Victorville, CA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:This is definitely a great straightener! Heats up fast. It's light and very durable. I love it. My hair feels healthy straight not fried. I used HairAVENUE by Viva Femina heat activate spray with it and they work amazing together!
  • LOVE it!!
    Written on 09-27-2017 by Laura W. from Jacksonville, FL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Received this as a gift and I love it!!! I have fine, straight hair and this gives it cute smooth waves that lasts
  • Absolutely the Best!!
    Written on 09-16-2017 by Joann L. from Cape May, NJ
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Absolutely love this flat iron! It's the best I've ever owned. I was hesitant at first about the price but it is beyond worth it. It straightens quickly and easily and lasts all day. Also the next day my hair was just as straight as the day before which far surpassed my expectations. This flat iron is seriously the best!
  • Hands down the BEST!!
    Written on 09-12-2017 by Heidi S. from Rockford, IL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I have owned over 100 curling irons, flat irons, crimping irons hot rollers etc… seriously!! One might call me a hair tool junkie, but I must say that over all the years of trying to get the right look having very thin straight hair, this is THE BEST TOOL I have come across. It gives body and curl if you want it or just body to straight hair if that's all you're looking for and great for touch ups if going out again later in the day. With the temperature control, it's easy not to "fry" one's hair after using product and touching up. I have a spare on hand in case anything should happen to the one I have been using for over a year. Don't know how I ever lived without it!
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