Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions
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Tape-In Hair Extensions
100% Human Remy Hair

Tape-In attachment system is one of latest and greatest advancements in seamless hair extensions. This semi-permanent innovative method delivers comfort, flexibility and invisibility, is super quick to attach and the results are beautiful and nearly undetectable extensions that are very comfortable to wear, and super discreet. Specially made double sided medical grade adhesive tape is used to attach hair extensions, allowing them to lay naturally flat against the head with no visible signs of modification to the natural hair.


Pre-taped hair extensions can last up to 8 weeks or longer if proper care is fallowed. Easy to remove, and can be reapplied up to three times using our Double Sided Replacement Tape, making them a great wear for everyday , special events or weddings.

Ideal for somebody with thinning hair or for somebody who just wants to add length, volume, or simply add highlights or colorlights or desires a full head installation. Works for all types of hair.


Tape-In Hair Extensions Advantage:

  • Gentle on hair
  • Re-usable which makes it long lasting
  • Quick and easy application- under 1 hour
  • Comfortable and seamless to wear
  • Super easy removal and re-application process

Hair Type: 100% Human Remy Hair
Packed: Each pack contains 10 pre-taped strips
Each Strip: 1 1/2 inches wide, approx. weight* 2.5g
**Styles: Silky Straight, Body Wave and Deep Curl

Recommended 40-50 strips for a full head application.
* Weight based on 20 inch strip
**To define style please refer to Texture Guide

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Please note: Our Tape-In Hair Extensions should only be installed by
a hair extensions certified hair stylist.

Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions

Online Color Chart is intended to be as a reference guide only, as hair colors may vary and look slightly different on each computer screen due to different resolution monitors. Also each model image of hair color is the approximation of color. For the best results and the most accurate color match selection we would recommend using one of our Color Ring, Color Clutch or Color Swatches prior getting any hair extension product.
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