Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions
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Customer Reviews

  • I am so impressed with the quality and price and these tape in extensions.
    Written on 04-08-2017 by Marry K from Reading PA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I just wanted to leave a review because I’m really happy with what I purchased. These extensions are lovely the hair is good quality and curls so beautifully! Holds and looks amazing. Highly recommend! I've had mine in for 5 weeks now and they're still going strong! Just make sure you do your research to take care of them properly.
  • These are perfect!
    Written on 04-06-2017 by Dorrie E from Newark NJ
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I have ordered 4 sets of this hair and I am very impressed. They came in just in time and are super comfortable! The color is true to color choice. The texture of hair is thick from top to ends. I have had no shedding and the hair maintains its silky feeling after washes. The tape is also good as none have fallen out and I wash my hair every other day!
  • Amazing quality extensions!
    Written on 04-01-2017 by Laura S from Topeka KS
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I had mine put in professionally. Dyed the Silver Fox extensions a blue silver and got the tapes put in today. All the hairdressers at the salon I go to were beyond impressed with the quality and thickness compared to the other brands they use. They're so soft and beautiful! Don't hesitate getting these they are worth every penny!! They feel and look great. Order more than you plan on use just in case.
  • These extensions are absolutely amazing!
    Written on 03-28-2017 by Caryn L from Ft Worth TX
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I love using Viva Femina tape ins for my mobile hair extensions company. I've been ordering extensions from Viva Femina for quite a while and I can say they are excellent quality extensions for a great price that will wear through many washings. I am very pleased with this company and their product! They have wonderful customer service which are always happy to help and easily exchange the shades if the set isn't perfect for your client. Highly recommend these extensions.
  • Excellent Product! Great Concept!
    Written on 03-21-2017 by Annabelle K from Bend OR
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:So ladies, I'm a huge tape in extensions “advocate” and fan. They are so convenient and comfortable. I ordered Viva Femina extensions a couple of weeks ago and was so excited to get them to see if they lived up to the reviews. So far, they are amazing! Great product. Excellent concept. My hair has thinned out quite a bit since having a baby, and these extensions did exactly what I wanted! Love the hair! Shampooed several times already and still looks great. Make sure you do not use an oil-based shampoo. Would buy them again!
  • It is the softest hair and so easy to put in.
    Written on 03-15-2017 by Eva O from Charlotte NC
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:WOW! I am in love with these!! I read the reviews and decided to buy. I had an appointment set up today to have them put in, but my stylist was sick and canceled my appointment. So, being as impatient as I am. I googled how put them in yourself. I followed a video on YouTube. Let me just say it was relatively easy and painless. The whole process of installing them in took roughly 20 minutes. With the help of my mom, she was able to ensure that my sections were clean and placed correctly. Now that I'm done! I'm so surprised they look so well! I have absolutely no experience with anything other than a comb and flatiron. I'm so in love with these!!
  • Good product and great company to do business with!
    Written on 03-11-2017 by Lois S from Beaverton OR
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:I have purchased hair extensions in the past and payed a tin more! These are much better price and a fantastic quality!!! I have been wearing them for over 3 weeks now and they are still just as nice as the day I put them in! I did have to replace the tape on a few of the extensions but most of it was good and they have been on for about three weeks now still great!! Got them layered into my hair When I need more I will most definitely buy from this company again!!! Fantastic product and fantastic customer service and shipping!!! Another positive thing is that the company responded very quickly to my emails and they were very professional. Great company to do business with.
  • Best quality hair I've ever purchased!
    Written on 03-05-2017 by Patti P from Morristown NJ
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:OMG wooowww! This is the most awesome tape hair extensions I have ever in my life came across… Adhesive tape holds very well, my sister taped them in with a flat iron, hair is good thickness and quality. I purchased 5 packs to be able to cut layers in as my hair is a short bob and very thick. Even after the cut it’s still very thick. Viva Femina you have my business for life.
  • Wonderful I love them! Got here super fast! Thank you!
    Written on 02-26-2017 by Raquel O from Atlanta GA
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Received on time and as described. The hair is beautiful! I purchased 6 packages of this hair, different blonde, brown colors. I had the extensions professionally put in. I have had them in for 5 weeks and have only lost 2. I LOVE THEM!!!! I have been able to do so much with my hair, pulling it up and lots of curls!
  • Best 100% Real Human hair!!
    Written on 02-20-2017 by Gabriella T from Jacksonville FL
    Yes, I would recommend this product.

    Review:Best hair extensions I've ever used and I've used many brands and types over the past 20 years!!! Couldn't be happier and more impressed!! Hair is amazing quality and so soft...doesn't tangle nearly as bad as others I've tried. I will be buying from only them from now on! A+++
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