Training DVD (Includes FREE Manual)

Training DVD (Includes FREE Manual)
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Learn how to apply multiple methods of hair extensions from the comfort of your own home. Viva Femina educational training comprehensive DVD covering 7 hair extension attachment systems will teach you the basics of applying to enable you to partake in this lucrative area of hair extensions.

Training DVD

Great in depth hair extension excellent training DVD with close up shots making this an exceptional hair extension teaching tool. Enjoy a Viva Femina training experience soon to access knowledge, skills and inspiration that you can transfer into daily and ongoing professional and career success with confidence.

7 PRO Extension Methods

Fusion Methods: Keratin Pre-bonded • Shrinkable Tubes Attachment • Pre-Glued
No Heat, No Glue Methods: Micro Beads • Micro Loop Rings • Cooper Beads
Tape In Method

Educational Manual

Hair Extension Training 40-Page Manual is a step-by-step trainer that goes into depth of service and will provide you with education in all aspects of hair extensions from multiple extension methods, application techniques to color choice and after care, from client approach, consultation to business building and much more. Everything is covered to make sure you have the best possible start in your new and exiting hair extension business.
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