The VF Difference

Viva Femina Indian Remy Virgin Hair VS Other Hair on the Market
100% Natural Virgin Hair
Never altered or chemically-treated or mixed (we never mix synthetic or animal fiber in our hair). Its natural state makes the unprocessed hair durable - giving you the ultimate styling flexibility, the freedom to color, and even the possibility to perm.
Hair mixed with hair fillers
Many companies sell hair extensions that are not 100% virgin human hair but, rather, mixed with animal or synthetic fibers (i.e., filler hair) in order to reduce the cost. After a few washes and styling tool usage, the hair looks like a mop.
Each bundle sourced from a single individual
Has been collected ethically in a single cut from an individual donor. This ensures the same texture, consistency in color, and aligned cuticles within each pack of hair.
Hair obtained from a mixture of donors
A mixture of donors hair is incorporated into one bundle, resulting in inconsistent texture and color.
Remy Hair
Hair has been carefully sorted to ensure all cuticles are properly aligned (cuticles run in same direction).
Non-Remy Hair
Hair that is usually put together with leftover hair that is obtained from the floor after cutting from different donors; cuticles run in opposite directions, causing hair tangling and matting.
Cuticles preserved, run in the same direction
Hair has been sourced from single donor and hand-picked to ensure all cuticles are properly aligned. The hair cuticle structure is preserved in its original state.
Cuticles removed with harsh chemicals
Cuticles are stripped out of their layers through the use of heavy acid and harsh chemicals, causing permanent damage to the hair by ruining the hair's natural structure and losing vital moisture and nutrition. This processed hair is harder to manage and becomes elastic and spongy when wet.
Argan oil deep treated
Specially-developed conditioning treatment using a combination of extracts, argan oil, and hydrolyzed keratin thermal deep treatment which is deposited into the hair in order to lock-in moisture, revitalize, replenish, and restore for maximum strength and shine. Hair extensions will look great and feel amazing - and will last for a very long time.
Other companies mask the harsh chemical process by using silicone to distinguish the bad quality of the hair to make it feel silky. But after few washes, the true nature of the quality is revealed. Extensions will lose their shine and become matted, brittle, or frizzy very quickly.
Double drown hair
Complex hand selection process used to arrange hair evenly according to the sizes, resulting in flawlessly thick ends.
Mixed-length hair
Mixed-length hair is put together in a bundle in order to make production costs cheaper, resulting in uneven, thin ends.
Our hair will last up to a year when proper care is applied, remaining manageable, lustrous, and strong throughout.
Brief hair lifespan
Most hair will last a few weeks to a few months (at best). After a short period of time, hair will begin to matte, tangle, and lose its shine.
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