Why Carry Hair Extensions

The high demand for hair extensions is growing faster than ever. Since being introduced in the fashion industry through celebrities, the trend for hair extensions has spread contagiously, becoming the "it" product embraced and used from teenagers to women of all ages
Turn your salon into a one-stop shop for your customers, where they can not only have their hair done, but also will be able to purchase the highest quality hair extensions & beauty products.
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A vibrant, temporally, easy-to-apply colorful Hair Extensions are for those looking to add a little glitz and glamour to the hair style. You and your clients now can add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying. Stay professional during the day, and be a daring diva by night. It provides a variety of fun, mix-and-mach colors to fit any outfit or occasion.


Hair Extensions are more popular than ever - it offers an unparalleled variety, allows more styling options and can be as versatile as natural hair. Hair extensions are at the highest demand and ultimately chosen as the best accessory for proms, weddings, fashion shows – remaining a big part of a woman's daily routine.

Hair Extensions are here to stay! Why not take advantage of an ever-increasing beauty demand!


Hair Extensions are a trendy and stylish accessory that can transform your client looks instantly. Add length, highlights, color-lights, volume or texture. Viva Femina 100 % Remy Human Hair Extensions are top-of-the line for salon-install or take-home hair extensions options. You and your clients can now have longer, thicker, glamorous hair.
Viva Femina offers Largest Selection and an Exceptional Quality
Hair Extensions, Exclusive Hair Care and Styling Products,
Fashionable Hair Accessories and more.
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